TRIP TO the UK, part IV: Last days in Eastbourne

Hello sweethearts!

We stepped quite well into the fall here in Croatia and yesterday I celebrated my 28th birthday. It is time to enjoy Sunday and write my last blog post about my trip to the UK in August. I love to reminisce last days in the UK...

After Twinwood Festival, on Sunday morning Aug 28th we took a long trip back from Bedford to Eastbourne. It was cloudy but I wanted to make most of the remaining time and explore the city which I have not yet had a chance.

I was thrilled with the fact that, even though it was cold and rainy, people were outside enjoying! Playing with kids, walking dogs, they were all very relaxed. It was a wonderful day! For the first time I experienced real English weather hahaha

I enjoyed a long walk through the beautiful park and streets of Eastbourne... I like the old cottages and that they have names, so interesting!

I even found the house for myself!

Next day the sun came up to make my last day in the UK wonderful. The plan was to nose around the shops of the city, but then Eniko's parents came and took me to the most beautiful place in the world!

Look at that view! It left me breathless! That is the best thing about Eastbourne, it is a large town, seaside resort but also rich with country park, valleys and amazing landscape! A place where I could spend the rest of my life...

And just when you think it can't go any better I see this:

Beachy Head cliff! This place is incredible! Altough this is an infamous suicide spot and has a lot of small crosses in memory of the deceased, it is magical ( and why the hell would anyone want to end his life in such a terrible way?! Come on people Stop it!).

It is difficult to describe in words the tranquility of this place...Although I have fear of heights I had to peep  down to see the waves hitting the white cliffs. I could see myself walking there every weekend with my daughter... There is so much to learn and explore! As we passed by a group of girls were sitting on the grass listening to one of them playing the ukulele. I totally wanted to join in!

After a lifetime experience we continued with the day on Schedule, but I couldn't think of anything else. I was under the impression of lifestyle there and the fact that the next day I fly home. We had a nice lunch at Harleywood American Diner (with the Obama's and Simpsons ofc hahaha) and spent the rest of the day relaxing, watching photos that we took and drinking coffee...

Next morning after freaking out how the hell will my cabing bag fit we took the train to Gatwick airport. It was hard to say goodbye and I could not refrain from tears (don't cry now, don't cry now).

Entering the plane, I saw a series of advertising posters and one caught my eye:

Flying home with Easyjet was a lot better than when I came, this time I actually saw something trought the window hahaha

Now, reminiscing my trip, it is hard to find words of gratitude. I'm on a great turning point in my life and Eniko and Andras changed it for the better. They changed my outlook on life, love and friendship and they did for me more that no one ever has. I did not get just a trip abroad as a reward for my masters degree, but also a priceless friendship and I really can't wait for the moment to see you and hug you again! ♥♥♥

Love, Eleanor


TRIP TO the UK, part III: Bedford and Twinwood Festival

Hello sweethearts!

Earlier this year when I was talking with my dear friend Eniko about the possibility of visiting her in the UK first thing that we had to do was to decide when is the right time for a trip. Eniko suggested August so that we could go to Twinwood Festival. And so it became the highlight of my trip!

Eniko got tickets for Saturday 27th in May and since the Festival is 3 hours away from Eastourne (Eniko's home) we decided to take a train on Friday and enjoy Bedford.We stayed at Castle Inn, charming 19th-century redbrick inn near the town centre:

After a long but cozy trip (yes I sad cozy, you should see trains in Croatia hahaha) we took an evening walk trough Bedford and it left us breathless! Beautiful houses, peaceful neighborhoods and gorgeous park where we made friends with animals (or so we thought hahaha) are amazing.

Bedford really is enchanting...I like that it has that romance in the air... lights, flowers and benches by the river are mesmerising!

After a walk trough the town and encounter with a young but brave (at some point) black boy, we got back to Castle Inn.  Subway dinner and a good night of sleep were highly required. Next morning after delicious English breakfast we took some relaxing time to get ready for Twinwood. The weather was not promising and drizzle began while we were waiting for a cab.

Twinwood OOTD:
ME: dress by Mistress of Vintage                          ENIKO: dress by Collectif
         purse is true vintage                                                     purse by Woody Ellen
         earrings by Daisy Jean

After a 15 min ride we came!! We were there!!! Twinwood!!!! Queue for tickets was long but moved quickly so in no time we got our festival bracelets and entered the Twinwood shuttle (I found that super cool hahahha shuttle)

The first thing we saw was a camper area (it is HUGE!). I believe that this is the best way to experience Twinwood. View of the main arena is the first thing you see when you enter the festival area and it seemed to me that there's not much to see further. I was wrong. Again.

As soon as you enter you get a splash of excellent energy! It was not at all what I imagined, because I couldn't imagine that vibe. It was like I'm home! Music, fashion, dance, smiling faces everywhere!!! I am very happy that I was able to meet some wonderful people (I saw a lot of gals I follow on Instagram in that crowd) ♥
Huge thanks to everyome that came and said Hi! ♥♥♥

After a quick look on the first stalls we entered into traders area- OMG!! It has no end!!! We toured the stalls for hours! Thanks to Collectif sale at Brighton and Camden my budget for Twinwood was hilarious hahahha so I wanted to take a good look on everything before I open my wallet.

My wish was to buy lingerie set, seamed stockings and true vintage glasses, maybe a suit. But the fact is that there was not enough time to dig a little deeper and find something affordable and good in my size. There was a lot of vintage reproduction clothes and accessories that were (in my humble opinion) a little more expensive that usual.

True vintage is to die for but if you're not ready to rob a bank don't look at it. I'm sure there was cheaper things but time was running out and we wanted to get to Main arena for a show. We took just a small break in the tiki bar, mojito was delicious!

I found a great lingerie, seamed stockings, colorful bangles and gorgeous cascade hair flowers. Vintage glasses that I found were soooo tiny, I don't know how adult women wore them! We also got a chance to try on a true vintage Dior 50's hat, that was amazing! There really was not enought time to look trough everything slowly. There is a reason why Twinwood runs for days hahaha

After I looked every booth I have made a decision! It was not an easy one hahaha but I decided to buy only one thing instead of a couple of cheaper ones. So I ran back to La Vintage and put all of my money on outstanding 40's jacket. Je ne regrette rien! (insert face with tears of joy emoji here)

I do regret that I didn't try on Rocket Originals shoes to know my size if I ever order from them, those shoes are outstanding! You know, when I got there I couldn't care less about shopping..I was happy and blessed just to be there.

Oh and I wish I could go to a dance class! I was watching so many people rocking that dance floor! There was not much old cars but some of them were very memorable!

Rain was just waiting for us because the minute we decided to go eat something and sit to watch the music program it started to pouring. And no one bothered! Everyone remained sitting in their seats, pulled out umbrellas and enjoyed. Some continued to dance in the rain! Pardon my excitement, it is not common in the place where I come from hahaha

Unfortunately, after the rain and the wind it got quite cold so my new La Vintage jacket came in hand. We took shelter in the bar and enjoyed the rest of the day dancing on The Puppini Sisters, Elvis and Bootleg Beatles. Evening ended with impressive fireworks that accompanied us while we were leaving Twinwood.
Before and after the rain:

I brought so many happy memories from Twinwood, I sincerely had the time of my life!
This photo with my dear Eniko is my favorite, none of this would be possible without her and Andras. ♥♥♥

Next blog post will be the last one from my series of posts about my adventure in the United Kingdom. Stick around to hear my final thoughts about UK...

Love, Eleanor


TRIP TO the UK, part II: London and Camden Town

Hello sweethearts!

Although I have many obligations at this time of the year, I can not resist to go back in the UK one more time at least in my mind, and write the second part of posts about my adventure in the United Kingdom. This time I am taking you to London!
We started the day with a good breakfast, my first traditional full English breakfast in a pub. I must say I quite enjoyed it :)

Then we hopped on the train to London, I did expected a loud and crowded, a little chaotic city. But I did not expect so many construction sites...London is full of scaffolds and builders, that a bit undermines the original impression.
...and what did I do when I saw a first red telephone box?! Strike a pose!
First I had to go to the gift shop for some souvenirs, then we went toward Buckingham Palace. Again, so many people/tourists that it is impossible not to be photobombed hahaha
And when we are not posing seriously...
...we giggle all the time :) It was a nice experience to see and get the feel of royal. I really liked the Victoria Memorial!
Further we went through a beautiful park toward the Westminster Abbey. Only a step away from the urban bustle of the city, The Diana Princess of Wales Memorial Walk takes you to a whole other world. Beautiful park and a home for pigeons, ducks and gorgeous swans. It really thrilled us!
Very soon I saw the  Gothic abbey church:
The surrounding is beautiful, so many young people just casually sitting on green grass and soaking up the sun... Even though the showers were announced for that day, it was beautiful and sunny so we could not resist and sit a little too.
Westminster Abbey truly is mesmerizing:
 I was so fascinated by the church that I did not even notice the Big Ben right in front of me hahaha I gasped when I turned my head :O
Oh and look at my gorgeous and hot blonde friend Eniko (Vintage Memories blog)
Through yet another wonderful park I ran to the famous red telephone box with a Big Ben in the background to photograph oooh only about 3GB of videos and photos of me :P
We stopped a little at Big Ben to soak up the atmosphere of the city... Bagpiper across the street defiantly played despite the noise of cars, what a guy! I also had a nice view of the London Eye.
... and we also had to fool around a bit ... because that's what we do when we are happy :)
We spent the afternoon in Camden Town! It was my great wish to go there and see the statue of the British singer Amy Winehouse that I am a huge fan of.
 Camden Town is amazing! I think the photos speak for themselves:
Camden is a perfect collision of different worlds that makes wonderful diverse culture and a charming place.
On the street you can buy everything, from handicrafts, souvenirs, clothing and footwear, to the freshly squeezed juice.
Especially emotional for me was to see the statue of Amy, that was something that I never thought I'll do...
Also we had to take a sneak peek into Camden's Collectif store :)
It seems that me and my hot blonde friend in whatever Collectif store we go in somehow we always get warned about something hahahha #sorrynotsorry ;)
I got Collectif swimsuit on sale for 11 GBP, Splendette bracelet and Collectif necklace:
Camden's Irregular Choice store, cuz we cant resist those pretty shoes!
I saw a little bit of London and a little more Camden. Wasn't expecting a lot of London but Camden swept me off my feet! Fusion of everything fed my senses.
Sorry about a long post but next one is going to be even longer...coming up- Twinwood Festival!
Love, Eleanor