Vintage essentials- Woody Ellen handbags

Hello sweethearts!

For my first official blogpost I decided to write about something that makes a perfect vintage creation complete- handbag!

Beside my genuine vintage handbags my favorite ones are handbags made by Miss Ellen.
Woody Ellen is a Belgian illustration artist, she paints most beautiful pictures with utmost precision and love and transfers them on on a wide range of high quality bags, clutches, wallets and make-up mirrors. Her pictures are printed on water-resistant fibre.
From her wide selection of products  my collection is form of my two favorite ones- Honey Bird and Miss White.

 Photo by Modakomoda
I have my handbags for over a year now and I wear them daily because they fit together perfectly with my modern day vintage style.

Best of all is that they are not only beautiful but also very high quality and durable, clip is solid yet simple to open easily. 

Handbags are spacious, inside they have a small pocket for mobile phone and sundries, and pocket with zipper for valuables.

I can honestly say that even today, after the daily carrying after one year my handbags look like new. Quality is exquisite.

Another thing that impressed me was how soft and velvety they are, like you can actually touch the flowers painted on it.

I highly recommend Woody Ellen collection for anyone who loves vintage inspired, high quality bags and accsessories with a touch of romance and artists love.

More about Woody Ellen: http://woody-ellen.com/
Shop: https://www.etsy.com/shop/WoodyEllen

Love, Eleanor

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