Vivien of Holloway Brocade perfection

Hello sweethearts!
OMG February already?! Days fly when you are a bussy bee. If it is judged by how it began, 2016. will be an excellent year! As usual I stay home for New Year's Eve, but I had always dreamed of a perfect sarong style dress for that occasion. Vivien of Holloway are famous for creating the ultimate pin up hourglass shape with their boned halter neck dresses so when I got a chance to review one of their gorgeous dresses I was just overjoyed!
It wasn't a doubt that I want a sarong style but how to choose between 58 (58!!!!) different available colours?! My heart went for elegant 1940's style silver black brocade sarong ♥♥♥

By my measures I was suggested to get a size B34, W26 (label size 12) which is smaller than I usually wear but since this dress has boning in bodice it is important to have a right fit at the waist. Since I lost some weight (and still working on it) dress was a perfect fit!
If you are unsure about the size go with the measures of your waist and hips because the dress will mould to your shape. And if you need extra room for your bust (like I do) you can wear it without your bra, I guarantee you will be well supported as the strategic boning in the dress is carefully designed from the waist through the bust to give you the curvy and wasp-waisted silhouette. Or you can always ask for an advice from a kind VOH team :)
I adore cute matching bolero that goes with this dress (mine is a size S)! It adds that extra bit of glamour to the ensemble and it's cut to suit the dress perfectly. Flattering bolero sits just a little above the waist (Im 5,7 tall so If you are shorter it will sit on your waist). It also has a little collar and capped sleeves to cover your back a little or tops of your arms in a chilly night out.
Since I am a huge 1940's enthusiast I just cant imagine this dress without a bolero, for me this is a perfect match and I love to wear it with and without bolero but than it has to be in my arms...just like cocktail ;)
My brocade silver black sarong dress has a gorgeous fabric, light and soft for that warm summer nights but still firm to hold it's shape, particularly in the draped part of sarong skirt.
Elegant black fabric is embroidered with understated oriental flower pattern with silver threads. It is perfect for weddings and other special occasions, but hey, why wear it only then? Every day is a special occasion!
I was always concern over those armpit bulges that show up in halter neck strap dresses and I guess that's why I haven't found then particularly comfortable. This wider style of halter neck strap is really flattering because it is placed just below the curve of the bust so it skims over that area comfortably and emphasizes sweetheart neckline.
One side draped skirt falls beautifully over the stomach area and gathers on the hip which is perfect for anyone who is a little conscious of their tummy area.
And if you are up for a little sass, this sarong  splits to a very modest area witch allows a little more movement in the dress but also surely make heads turn!
So if you want a beautiful sarong dress look no further! Or if you are in UK even better! Visit 294 Holloway Road in London or http://www.vivienofholloway.com/ and get yourself an hourglass shape in one of Vivien of Holloway designs!
And dont forget to like VOH on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/vivienofhollowaygroup
Love, Eleanor


  1. Wow that dress is stunning on you, I love Vivien of Holloway and I've been eyeing of their sarong dresses for a while now!

    1. oh you wont regret it! it will make you feel like a Queen :)

  2. That is a beautifully cut dress, it really accentuates your figure x