Cupcakes made by Milushka

Hello sweethearts!

Spring has come in Croatia so finally we can throw away our coats and enjoy the sun!
I love love love when it's warm outside because then I can emphasize all my accessories. One of my favorites are jewelry by Milushka!

Milushka is an artist from Zagreb, Croatia. She makes unique, handmade, hyper-realistic, miniature pastry jewelry. If you are not familiar with her work, check my blog post about Milushka here. Post about Milushka was one of the first on my blog last year and since then I've added more of her gorgeous jewelry to my collection.

Her work is very diverse, she makes braided bracelets, necklaces, earrings, head pieces, rings, pendants, fruit, candy, cupcake, animal, donuts, ice cream, flower and many more. Milushka also makes custom orders. Lately she amazes me with her Disney inspired bracelets that she makes in her own distinctive style.

My last Milushka blog post was about earrings and ring, custom made to match my Lady V London dress (http://midcenturysweetheart.blogspot.hr/2015/06/sweet-tooth-by-milushka.html) so this time I will introduce to you 3 new pieces handmade by Milushka. First one are my yellow cupcake earrings:

In the last blog post I have mentioned them but now I have photos to show you how I styled them. In fact I wear them quite often and because of them I have a nice amounth of yellow accessories and clothes now.

I paired them with red dress with white polka dots and red pumps, yellow scarf and belt, all from eBay. And I assure you no one can imagine my happiness when I found this cute yellow cardigan in local thrift store.
I have this earrings for over a year now and they are like new because her pieces are high quality and although they may “appear” delicate and fragile in nature, her jewelry is very solid and durable!
Next piece of Milushka jewelry is a set of earrings and matching necklace:
This romantic set is one of my favorites and I have a few dresses that fit perfectly with him like Hell Bunny Madden dress and simple single color dresses that highlight red and green. Milushka can make you dangle or stud earrings, whatever you prefer.
I still can't get over how realistic her jewelry is! Photos do not truly capture all the craftsmanship put into every detail. You know you're in love when you buy dresses that match your jewelry and not the reverse.
I find my new spring strawberry dress from eBay perfect for this set! Colors are the same and everything is so harmonized when I wear this combination.
And something new in Milushka range- brooches! Like everything that Milushka makes, her brooches are also handcrafted down to the smallest detail.

This one is custom made to match my fuchsia dress and orchid hair flower that I wear often with her. The funny thing is that we haven't discussed the color of the cup of the cupcake and while Milushka worked on the brooch I found this cardigan in thrift store.
We were both suprised when I saw the brooch and she saw the cardi and realized how colors are perfectly integrated. What can I say? It was meant to be ♥♥


Although Milushka is best known for her cupcakes, details of the orchid on my brooch are incredible, really there is nothing that she can't do!

Like she says: "Every piece of jewelry is handmade with love and devotion. Every piece is one of a kind. There's a part of me in each." It can emphasize the love for sweets of any hedonist and bring a touch of romance in everyday life.

These cupcakes are not for eating but are highly addicted and sweet just like the real one! And to celebrate spring Milushka offers you a 10% off if you use promo code "SPRING" on her etsy shop!

Also don't forget to like Milushka on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/milushka.jewelry/?pnref=lhc
Love, Eleanor


  1. Oh wow these cupcake accessories are so cute! I love how well you matched them with your outfits! :)

    1. Thank you! Its easy when Milushka makes everything you can imagine ❤