Daisy Jean's sparkly tear drop

Hello sweethearts!

I, like every other girl, loooove accessories! My favorites are bracelets, brooches and earrings and I feel that no outfit is complete without them, at least when we talk about vintage (reproduction).
In the sea of gorgeous jewellery I somehow neglected earrings although I wear them every day (ops!), I just got too comfortable wearing ordinary pearls in various colors. Luckily Daisy Jean Floral Designs saved me and sent me this lovely Heather's Big Resin Tear Drop earrings!

You may know this amazing Australian-based company by its hair flowers but this resin jewellery range is taking Daisy Jean Floral Designs to the stars! Owned by Miss Osiria Rose, Daisy Jean Floral Designs started at 2014 as a small online store on etsy with only a few select hair flowers.
With motto:“"Making beautiful flowers for beautiful women", this company is proud to support ALL women, both customer and other small business owners as well as using their pieces to encourage personal positivity and self-appreciation within customers through creating gorgeous hand crafted pieces to help them feel and look their best.“

Made in Australia from high grade resin, these earrings come with a stainless steel earring post or a clip on and are made to order piece with a 3 day make time. Heather's Big Resin Tear Drop earrings are available in many colours like: glitter emerald green, bright blue, gold, minty green, red, black, pink or peach like mine. And if you feel adventurous you can order them in a blending of two glitter colours! Other than tear drop shape, resin earrings by Daisy Jean Floral Designs is available in various shapes, sizes and colors.

Resin is a plastic so these earrings are light in weight and the yummy colors resemble the look of seaglass! Although these are plastic, be careful not to drop them on hard surfaces- they may chip on impact. Other than that, they are durable and will go with just about any outfit you wear!

Measuring 4.5cm x 2cm Heather's Big Resin Tear Drop earrings are a true statement piece!

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Love, Eleanor

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