New adventure

Hello sweethearts!

Today's blog post is a little bit different...
I started this blog on May 2015. I found my inspiration in many vintage/pin up bloggers. By the time I decided to start a blog I had a lot of collaborations, lot of photos that were telling a story. I wanted to put that story out there, to tell others why and how much I love some products and brands. We live in a time when everything bad is louder than good, trolls are everywhere and compliments for hard work is hard to get. I wanted to write something nice about people and their goods in the pin up community.
Now, after a few years of modeling and various experiences with many photographers (some good, some bad), I decided, like many bloggers there to invest in a good quality DSLR camera. There are  numerous reasons such as time (I often had to shoot several styles in one day, limited with time and/or weather conditions), money and it became hard to find a photographer that has an "eye" for a certain type of photography.
After a good time of thinking and informing I decided to go with the The Canon EOS 750D, known as the Rebel T6i in the USA. Plan is to buy a lens too when Im able to, probably 50mm f/1.8
Practice makes perfect, so here are some photos I took. Model is my sweet daughter Hana Leona ♥♥♥

 Hana Leona is wearing Milushka jewelry and red gingham dress.

She is a great model, we had so much fun!

These are my personal favorite ♥♥♥

So from now on the photos on my blog will be from my own camera unless otherwise stated. I look forward to discovering and learning about the world of photography!
Love, Eleanor


  1. Oh such beautiful photos of your daughter, you done a wonderful job of taking photos of her! I hope you enjoy using your new camera! xo

    1. Thank you Camilla! It's hard to operate with that kind of camera but I have a will to learn so hope you will se some improvement soon. :*

  2. Gorgeous photos! You have a photographer's eye big time, dear gal. I've been shooting with Rebels for many years (gosh, it's got to close to a decade at this point) and swear by them. They're reliable workhorses that aren't (body alone at least) very heavy, and which deliver consistently great results - especially at that price point. Huge congratulations on getting your first. I wish you two many fabulous years together!

  3. Just adorable, what lovely photos x