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In May I wrote a guest blog post for Campbell Crafts about a bicycle makeover. I have always admired old photos of gorgeous ladies on their bikes but a few years ago only bike I had was an old and not so nice brown bike of my mom. I'm an outdoorsy type, I love warm weather, sun, fresh air and nature. So I spent a lot of time on that old bike, but just the look on it made me feel sad and grumpy. Imagine me, all dolled up staring at that ugly bike.

 So one day I decided to take things in my own hands, and with mom's approval, makeover could start! All about that you can read HERE 🚲
This time I'm not going to write about my bicycle, but about my California dream...It all started with the launch of The Fifty-Five Collection by Campbell Crafts. When I saw the pieces of the Fifty-Five Collection, a house brand designed by Lins and inspired by Palm Spring, I was blown away. All of my pastel spring mid century dreams were fulfilled. 
So, when I got a surprise mail, I knew I will love what I see because The Fifty-Five Collection provides pastel, floral print and gingham galore inspired by the surroundings of California, and trust me, I deam about 1955., just cruising on my bike in the playground of Palm Springs. 

 Under cute The Fifty-Five Collection by Campbell Crafts business card there was a swing skirt in large blue gingham. I immediately knew how I will style it because the colors are gorgeous and the aesthetic of it fits perfecty in relaxed summer afternoon on the beach or bicycle riding. And since I don't have a beach nearby, cruiser bike ride it is! 

I paired my blue gingham skirt with light white blouse with pin up brooch, dark blue cardigan (to match the dark blue buttons of course) and white sandals. But let's talk about the skirt! As a part of The Fifty-Five Collection, a swing skirt in large blue gingham features a timeless, flattering and ageless cut. The pastel colour and 50's flair of the skirt fits the brand identity that Campbell Crafts has created over the past 5 years.

This full circle skirt is made out of soft, light and stretchy fabric perfect for summer. Although I wear petticoat below full cirlce skirts, with this one is not the case because it is a summer skirt and it would be too hot, but also because the large contract buttons are real and the opening goes all the way. So you can throw a little sex appeal by unbuttoning a few of the buttons and show that leg girl. 

Size guide on the Campbell Crafts site says that my UK10 size skirt has a 72cm waist and almost 74cm length. If you are in between sizes go with smaller because stretch makes it very comfortable. You can notice that the skirt is tailored longer that the usual knee lenght 50's skirts. So if you are tall or like your skirt a bit longer you will find your match in The Fifty-Five Collection of skirts.

For me it is important to keep my style, it's a huge part of my identity but in this busy world, find a „me“ time becomes harder and harder. If you have a full time job and family The Fifty-Five Collection is great for a day at the park. Or you are always in a hurry, or (let's be honest) you have a cheat day and just don't want to bother with makeup and fancy dress, this relaxed yet flattering fashion still holds that vintage aesthetic. Are you a „baby pin up“ and you're still not sure if this is your style? You can mix and match pieces to create your own vintage inspired wardrobe!

I am beyond happy with my skirt and I love The Fifty-Five Collection by Campbell Crafts. Honestly, I can't wait to se that will come out next and all the gorgeous girls styling this and future collections. 

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Love, Eleanor

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