Custom made: Bettie Page Clothing inspired green dress

Hello sweethearts!

Today I am writing about my Bettie Page Clothing Iced Coffee inspired dress. When I saw Bettie Page Clothing Iced Coffee Full Circle Dress I was mesmerized by her color, pattern- everything! It was a dress made for me!

Buuuuut when I calculated the price and postage expenses my enthusiasm burst like soap bubble :(
So I decided to visit my fairy godmother- my seamstress
I show her the picture and she made a sketch, took my measures and told me how much material she need. So I went to Tex House (Portanova Osijek) and chose a dotted material in the sea of patterns.
This is the final result:

* Handbag by Woody Ellen

I chose a green fabric with small black polka dots, unfortunately it was not a good choice because it wrinkles A LOT. It was my first fabric shooping so I learned to check how material behaves before I buy it. My dress is not a full circle because I wanted it to be a little more sophisticated.

Last year at fall was a perfect day to do a photoshoot.

Standing in front of the only remaining composition of Narrow Gauge Railroad in Croatia, train which traveled in the 50's popularly called ─ćiro.

It is a magic place, a piece of history hidden among ivy and fallen leaves

I am wearing a headpiece made by amazing woman and fellow blogger Miss Amy May 


In total this dress cost me half price of the original and It fits like a glove!

For me It's a greater pleasure sometimes to look for a pattern, fabric and participate in the whole process of making what I imagined. I love the idea that my dress is unique and made for me :)

Love, Eleanor



  1. Svaka cast baki, pa ovo je savrsenstvo! I meni se svidjala ova haljina cim sam je vidjela.

  2. Gorgeous dress! I want it! They now offer a mint chip, but I think I like this solid better.