Sweet tooth by Milushka

Hello sweethearts!

Today's blog post is the sweetest ever and here is why:

I have a big sweet tooth and when I discovered this jewelry last year I was in love

The artist's name is Milushka, she is from Zagreb, Croatia.
She was raised in the best tradition of the Russian school of art and all of her life she was looking for a different creative expressions: classic painting, drawing, illustration, digital media and traditional crafts, including handicrafts , are only a small handful of things that she has been doing.

Looking at the world from the hedonist’ perspective,  Milushka thinks that we should not limit the enjoyment to the just one sensor :)
And since the sweets, especially chocolate, are considered to be the top hedonistic pleasure, she believes they deserve their place not only in the world of gastronomy, but in the world of adornment, because of their visual attractiveness and instant recognisability.

Milushka is overwhelmed with making hyper-realistic miniature pastry which looks tasty but has a sole purpose of ornamenting your finger or the top of your head, as well as teasing your imagination :)
Every piece of jewelry is handmade with love and devotion. Every piece is one of a kind ♥

I guess you you have already noticed how talented she is :)
Her work is very diverse, she makes braided bracelets, necklaces, earrings, head pieces, rings, pendants, ready-to-hang wall pictures in the shape of a macaroon, fruit, candy, cupcake, animal, donuts, ice cream, flower and many more.
And she makes custom orders!! You name it- she will make it!
So when I got my Lady Vintage Cream Cupcake Print Hepburn Dress I contacted Milushka to make me a custom jewelry.
I think it's a perfect match
Every piece is very original and convincing, makes me want to eat him how much tasty it looks ;)
I also have this cute cupcake earrings:

Milushka jewelry is not only beautiful but also very high quality and durable!
That is why I love to give it to my friends as a gift on a special occasions... And to me.. I love to reward myself with a cute and unique Milushka jewelry :D
For shop and more about Milushka like https://www.facebook.com/milushka.jewelry or email her at milushka.nakit@gmail.com
Love, Eleanor

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