Custom made: Atomic tirquoise 2 piece

Hello sweethearts!

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I love love love coming up with things for tailoring and no matter how manny dresses are in my closet I always wanted to have a look that is me, for which I can say  this is my trade look, it is who I am”. That I could only get with a cusom made piece.
I love Michael Miller fabrics, they are very imaginative, playful and bright. My favorite are Holyday hostess, ' MOD POD 'American dream homes 50'S 60'S, Atomic Tabbys Seafoam cats, Make it work and Mid Century Modern Atomic Tirquoise which I choose for my custom 2 piece.

It took me 3 yards of fabric for this pattern that my seamstress adapted in the process.

Since she made quite a few custom pieces for me, she knows how I think and we communicate great so I usually go to just one last fitting before she finishes it, we discuss lenght and details.

This is the final look, tie top and lounge pants:
I am very very satisfied, it came out just as I wanted! There are some minor things that I did not predicted- the fabric is not easy and it does not fall naturaly so when I walk it goes between my legs :/


But for me that is a minor problem for such a perfect 2 piece, I don’t mind messing around my crotch to adjust it as long as I look fabulous hahaha
Fabric I bought on Ebay for 30$ + 20$ shipping but than Croatian customs control take it so I had to pay another 20$ :(
Well, that is my "luck" but the fabric is amazing so it was all worth it :)
This 2 piece is perfect for the summer! It looks great together and apart, combined with white or black blouse or skirt and accessorised with cute booches and a head scarf.

Hope you like it!
Thank you Foto Mara for this photos and thank you tailoring salon Charme for making all of my ideas come to life ♥♥♥
Love, Eleanor

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