Custom made: 40's inspired "Sew it" dress

Hello sweethearts!

I can't tell you how much I love writing blog posts about my custom made pieces ♥♥♥
There is a lot of consideration and love in them :)
Today I bring you my 1940's inspired dress.

This dress is made out of two types of fabric, Michael Miller "Make it work" and cream polyester fabric. Pattern is taken from Pinterest where I get most of my inspiration and ideas.

Considering that Miller fabrics can be a little pricey, especially with postage, making a dress only out of this fabric was not an option so I got an idea as soon as I saw this gorgeous pattern.

As usual my seamstress helped me to combine these two fabrics and after one fitting it was ready to go! Since I am size L I used 1.25 cm of Miller fabric and another meter of cream fabric.

It was fun to chooes details such as buttons and accessories :)

I was told that it resembles to dresses out of vintage commercials for detergents hahaha on second thought...

I love the spacious pockets and the bow on the back which gives a little more shape.

Buttons on the shoulders are not just decoration, dress doesn't have any zipper so it dresses over the head by unbottuning the functional buttons. I am slightly annoyed by the wrinkling at the waist that seating causes but hey, you can't have everything right ;)

And in case you were wondering where I am- these photos are taken at nature park Kopački rit in eastern Croatia! :)

Love, Eleanor

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