Bunny Francine

Hello sweethearts!

Autumn in Croatia is just around the corner and it is gonna be a busy one so let's get started!

I will be reviewing my Hell Bunny dresses, curently I have three but sure I woun't stay on that number.
The Hell Bunny brand is a UK based label producing some of the most adorable designs in alternative clothing. So many of the Hell Bunny styles have that gorgeous classic look but has an alternative twist to the print or cut. I am a huge fan of Hell Bunny 40's style dresses and today I will introduce you to a Francine. ♥♥♥

Francine was on my wish list for a long time because I couldn’t decide on the color and now I'm so glad I got it in brown.

It also comes in light green, blue and black.

This gorgeous vintage 40's inspired frock features a round neckline with a floral crochet collar which makes her perfect for a little more conservative style but still fun.

I wasn't sure how seamless cap sleeves will fit me because im very self-conscious about my arms and I read quite a few complains about thight armholes but fortunately it fits like a dream!

I am wearing a size L (UK14) and although I had to narrow my previous two Hell Bunny dresses I decided not to cut this one because I wear it with a belt, I like it more that way.

Fabric is very light and sensitive, perfect for warm days. It features a gorgeous apple and daisies print. ♥♥♥♥

It is a beautiful flowy A-line skirt so I dont wear a petticoat underneath, also my skirt is a little bit narrower because my mom burt it with an iron the first day when I got her (can't even think about that hahah) so I had to cut that part.

It is just bellow my knee on my hight, I'm 5.7. Dress is unlined and zips up the back so no hair and makeup mess yeeeeey.

Super hot about this dress is fitted bodice and bust which is shaped by pleats in the underbust seam with 5 buttons down detail, just make sure you wear a good bra.

It is such a beautiful dress that doesn't need a lot of accessories, just a beautiful nature like I had on my day in the countryside :)

Hell Bunny Madden and Birdy dress review coming soon!

Love, Eleanor


  1. Ovo mi je jedna od tvojih najdražih haljina, bas je posebna! I super si ju uklopila medu jabukice. <3

    1. hvala draga, najradije bih ju uzela i u zelenoj i plavoj <3 tvoj zadnji post je fantastičan!

  2. Soooo timelessly pretty! I love Hell Bunny's offerings. Not only are they more budget friendly (especially here in Canada) than many other repro/vintage style brands, but no other such brand's offerings have consistently fit me better than their's do. I'm a huge fan and own number dresses, skirts, and cardigans from them, including a black and red apple print dress that is quite similar to this beautiful one.

    Big hugs,
    ♥ Jessica