Lindy Bop: solid essentials

Hello sweethearts!

Woah time flies! It has been three weeks since my last post and given the fact that I haven't taken any photos lately I have decided to share some old ones.
I don't have to say how much I love my wardrobe and my dresses, my face lights up like a Christmas tree when I open the doors of my closet :)

Most of my dresses are Lindy Bop, brand that, I believe,every gal knows. Their dress was my first vintage repro and made me feel like "That's it! Now I am a pin up girl!"
Since then I have owned 9 of their dresses, I have 7 now (had to sell two because I've got a few extra pounds; but i'm working on it!)
In the next few posts I will review my Lindy Bop dresses and show you how I like to wear and accessorise them.

Let's start with two of my most worn dresses, solid color essentials that every gal needs: Audrey and Lily.

Audrey is a beautiful 50's style swing dress with a classic flattering bateau neckline and fitted bodice. I have to admit- dusky orange was not my first choice of color but at that time it was only one that was available in my size, and great that it was! I love it! 

But following the size chart I ordered my (at that time) size UK12 not knowing that  Audrey style dress ran small :( 
It is made out of cotton fabric so it is not stretchy and it wrinkles A lot but for price of 30 £ (45$/ 42€ / 318HRK) you win some you lose some.

But I have to say I love it! I wear it all year long because it's super easy to match with cardigans, blouses and whatever you think of!

The fact that it's a single color provides countless opportunities to style her! I like to wear my petticoat underneath because it gives her a great shape.

It has a hidden side zip that I'm not a huge fan of and removable matching belt.

You can see why I wear this dress so much, a little brooch or a belt can go a long way and make it look like a different dress every time!

This year I wore it as a Halloween costume :)

The other part of my Halloween costume this year was my little black Lily dress.

Can you believe this is my ONLY black dress?! This one is also purchased randomly because Rhonda was out of stock hahaha it seems that the universe knows what I need and makes sure that I get it :)

Unlike Audrey, Lily has a little firmer cotton fabric so it is true to size and better quality. I am wearing UK14 and it fits very comfortable and nice.

Elegant peep hole cut outs are featured in front and at the back of neckline. Since this is the only black dress I have, I do prefer to wear it #allblackeverything but it is perfect for accessorising! My most favorite color to complement the black is pink :)

This one is by far one of my favorite styles accessorised with hot pink belt, nylon scarf and soft pink shoes that matches my Frenchie brooch by Atomic Mingo.

For more photos you can follow me on Instagram: https://instagram.com/eleanor_rebel/
And note: Lindy Bop is having a huuuuuuuge sale right now :)

More of Lindy Bop in my closet coming up next week! ♥♥♥

Love, Eleanor


  1. I bought my first Audrey about a month ago, and it wasn't one of those "I need this" dresses. But now I love it! I thought they would be uncomfortable and weird, because other Lindy Bop's I have tried have been. I have no idea why the Audrey fits me the best. Now I have two Audreys and they are both pure love <3 Your witch costume is awesome by the way!


    1. Thank you Alisa <3 I kinnda figured out that if the dress is very light fabric you need to size up in order to get the right size and fitting... you are lucky if you can try a dress before purchase, I have to get my hopes up haha