Lindy Bop: very vintage

Hello sweethearts!

Welcome to my third Lindy Bop review, I hope you will find it useful and interesting. Today I am reviewing 'Holly' 1950's Inspired Blue Butterfly Swing Dress and 'Zarah' Vintage 1940's Secretary/Librarian Fit & Flare Dress.
Holly is a Audrey style dress with ¾ sleeves. It is made out of thicker good quality cotton fabric so even I am a size UK14 now my Holly is size UK12 and still fits me perfectly.
Holly is a beautiful 1950's inspired blue butterfly swing dress. It comes with a matching removable belt and it's perfect for spring and autumn.
I don't have many longer sleeve dresses so this is one of my most worn dresses in winter seasons and I love to pair it with my 26“ pink petticoat.
I really don't have any  complaints about this dress: it is classy, great for work and daily occasions, fabric is nice and zipper is on the back so no messing up my hair yeeeey ;)
And for all of you gals who want to add Holly to your wardrobe- it is on sale: http://www.lindybop.co.uk/sale-c49/dresses-sale-c50/holly-1950s-inspired-blue-butterfly-swing-dress-p312 !

I am a huge fan od 1940’s style so Zarah was a must have for me! When this dress first came up I was reading the comments and they weren't so great but I did really liked it.

It is a fabulous 1940's style fit 'n' flare dress. Zarah is also made out of good quality slightly stretch cotton fabric with sweetheart neckline and bust panel with bow detail. Precisely that bow reminded a lot of gals on a bra. OK, perhaps Zarah isn't for everyone ;)

It was a little longer, just below knee which I really liked but on the second thought I noticed that it doesn't suit my figure so I shortened it to knee length.

I love to wear it at autumn and winter seasons because it is a little thicker and goes great with cardigans, colors are appropriate and with a few well imagined accessories it can be very festive!

Oh Lindy Bop you are gonna spoil us :)
Even I couldn't resis this sale so new dress is on my way but I wount tell you witch one is it ;)
I also ordered one for my daughter so I will review kids range too!
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Love, Eleanor

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