Custom made: 40's inspired "Sew it" dress

Hello sweethearts!

I can't tell you how much I love writing blog posts about my custom made pieces ♥♥♥
There is a lot of consideration and love in them :)
Today I bring you my 1940's inspired dress.

This dress is made out of two types of fabric, Michael Miller "Make it work" and cream polyester fabric. Pattern is taken from Pinterest where I get most of my inspiration and ideas.

Considering that Miller fabrics can be a little pricey, especially with postage, making a dress only out of this fabric was not an option so I got an idea as soon as I saw this gorgeous pattern.

As usual my seamstress helped me to combine these two fabrics and after one fitting it was ready to go! Since I am size L I used 1.25 cm of Miller fabric and another meter of cream fabric.

It was fun to chooes details such as buttons and accessories :)

I was told that it resembles to dresses out of vintage commercials for detergents hahaha on second thought...

I love the spacious pockets and the bow on the back which gives a little more shape.

Buttons on the shoulders are not just decoration, dress doesn't have any zipper so it dresses over the head by unbottuning the functional buttons. I am slightly annoyed by the wrinkling at the waist that seating causes but hey, you can't have everything right ;)

And in case you were wondering where I am- these photos are taken at nature park Kopački rit in eastern Croatia! :)

Love, Eleanor


Hell Birdy

Hello sweethearts!

There is a harmony in autumn, and a luster in its sky, which through the summer is not heard or seen, as if it could not be, as if it had not been!
So today, I am writing about my third Hell Bunny dress which is the Birdy dress ♥♥♥

It is one of my favorite dresses and I wear it quite often, it was my main dress on Dolce Vita festival this year and I got some great snaps in her by TinyBizz Photography, Mario Pavlović and Bostjan Tacol.

Ok, so this dress is exactly the same pattern as Madden dress and it is also available in few colors.
My first choice was aqua, it seemed like a pretty, vivid color and I saw it a lot on social networks so it is very popular. But then I found cute bordeaux fascinator on ebay and thought how perfect combination would it be with carmine red!

So like I said, Birdy dress has the same cut like Madden dress which means it features false round collar with two antique rose print buttons, A- line skirt, short sleeves with small cuff at the hem  and high underbust seam.
This beautiful 40's style dress has a pretty retro style print featuring yellow, black & white birds on black & white branches with pink flowers.
I love how fitted bodice looks on me and then floats out from the waist. Lightly gathered underbust seam is perfect for a larger cupsize gals. 
It is made out of 100% polyester so it has a satin look and feel to it and the skirt slightly flares out for that vintage retro look. It doesn't provide strech- make sure to check the size chart before order because it is true to the size!
Birdy has a visible zip to centre back seam and it is unlined. I am wearing a size L/UK14 narrowed in waist.

This dress is very elegant and suitable for business as well as evening :) I paired it with a vintage handbag, black lace gloves, glass earrings in matching color and fascinator for a geniune 40's look.
And for the end details of makeup and accessories :)
Love, Eleanor


Custom made: vintage inspired red winter coat

Hello sweethearts!

By all these lovely tokens September days are here, with summer's best of weather and autumn's best of cheer. But soon rain will start to fall, so as the leaves and I will hop into my red coat... Honestly, that is the only thing I am looking forward to- wearing my vintage inspired custom made red coat.
We know that in September, we will wander through the warm winds of summer's wreckage. We will welcome summer's ghost... So I took advantage of the warm day and took photos to introduce another made to measure piece that I have.
This coat is not new, I has been made 2 years ago so I don't exactly remember the details, I am sorry.
There was no specific pattern, I just told my seamstress that I want a peter pan collar, lightly puffed shoulders  and  that is open from the waist to hem to create volume so I can wear it on my swing skirts.

Things gone wrong when she measured me and told me that I need two and a half meter fabric, so when I was buying it I had a misunderstanding with a salesgirl and got twice as much material than I needed.
So since the material is here I mind as well use it, so I have decided to add  a luxurious but detachable hood and make coat a little longer. It is made out of  velours and has light padding so I can wear it when it is really cold.
The only flaw is that it doesn’t have pockets but I have left with a good amounts of fabric so maybe in the future I decide to give it a makeover... Oh, and faux fur sounds nice.
All of my custom made pieces are made with much love in a local tailor salon "Charme" ♥♥♥
I am very grateful that I have a wonderful seamstress who makes all my ideas come to life :)

Now sweethearts, I hope I have given you some ideas for the upcoming season. Stay tuned for more custom pieces and autumn fashion ;)

Love, Eleanor


Bunny Madden

Hello sweethearts!

Making the most of this late summer but warm days I managed  to take photos for my next, second in a row Hell Bunny review. This dress was my first Hell Bunny purchase and the reason why I fell in love with this brand.
As I said last time, I am a sucker for 40’s style inspired dresses and this one made me fell like im in heaven so this brand has to change his name ;)Of course, I'm talking about the Madden dress ♥♥♥ This dress comes in several colours and I chose this bold bottle green with white polka dots.
Where to start?! This dress has numerous advantages and only one tiny flaw. First of all, I am addicted to Instagram and have seen this dress a lot of times and not once did it fit bad. At all. On any tipe of body. Honestly I haven't seen a gal that looks bad in this dress! I believe it has some kind of super powers :P

Madden is a 40's style dress and like the dresses of that time, it radiates elegance! As a larger cupsize gal I loooooove ♥♥♥ how it fits my body. The secret is in high underbust seam, that streamlined seaming gives you the effortles structure.

The unlined A-line skirt is fluid and playful so fits great with a petticoat but I prefer not to wear one with this style. It pleats under the bust to the waist to shape and it is open from waist to hem. I am a size L or UK14 so it was a little wide on my waist but since I narrowed her, princess waist seaming gives me that flattering look.

For me the best part of this dress is false round collar with two pearlised buttons. These gorgeous brass and jewel buttons give her a touch of extravagance.

This graceful frock features short sleeves with small cuff at the hem and they are short for a reason, namely this dress is made for bright summer!

That is how we come to that tiny flaw which is the material. When I bought this dress I did not expect that it is so thin, it's not sheer but definitely is lighter that i thought!

It is made out of high quality 100% polyester so it doesn't provide strech- make sure to check the size chart before order because it is true to the size! And my favorite part on dresses- it has a back center zipper :)
Altogether, Madden dress gets an A+ in my book ♥♥♥

Love, Eleanor


Bunny Francine

Hello sweethearts!

Autumn in Croatia is just around the corner and it is gonna be a busy one so let's get started!

I will be reviewing my Hell Bunny dresses, curently I have three but sure I woun't stay on that number.
The Hell Bunny brand is a UK based label producing some of the most adorable designs in alternative clothing. So many of the Hell Bunny styles have that gorgeous classic look but has an alternative twist to the print or cut. I am a huge fan of Hell Bunny 40's style dresses and today I will introduce you to a Francine. ♥♥♥

Francine was on my wish list for a long time because I couldn’t decide on the color and now I'm so glad I got it in brown.

It also comes in light green, blue and black.

This gorgeous vintage 40's inspired frock features a round neckline with a floral crochet collar which makes her perfect for a little more conservative style but still fun.

I wasn't sure how seamless cap sleeves will fit me because im very self-conscious about my arms and I read quite a few complains about thight armholes but fortunately it fits like a dream!

I am wearing a size L (UK14) and although I had to narrow my previous two Hell Bunny dresses I decided not to cut this one because I wear it with a belt, I like it more that way.

Fabric is very light and sensitive, perfect for warm days. It features a gorgeous apple and daisies print. ♥♥♥♥

It is a beautiful flowy A-line skirt so I dont wear a petticoat underneath, also my skirt is a little bit narrower because my mom burt it with an iron the first day when I got her (can't even think about that hahah) so I had to cut that part.

It is just bellow my knee on my hight, I'm 5.7. Dress is unlined and zips up the back so no hair and makeup mess yeeeeey.

Super hot about this dress is fitted bodice and bust which is shaped by pleats in the underbust seam with 5 buttons down detail, just make sure you wear a good bra.

It is such a beautiful dress that doesn't need a lot of accessories, just a beautiful nature like I had on my day in the countryside :)

Hell Bunny Madden and Birdy dress review coming soon!

Love, Eleanor