Don't save it all for Christmas Day

Hello sweethearts!

Holidays are just around the corner and if you have a lot to celebrate like I do then you probably want to look top notch. Next to the celebrations of Christmas and New Year, promotion of my graduation and party, having a dress that will make me feel (and look) like a million bucks was super important to me. Grace Duchess in red by Vivien of Holloway achieved exactly that!

I got my master degree in social work!

Grace Duchess dress caught my eye a while ago when I saw that gorgeous cross-over neck line on Jezebel style, but wiggle dresses aren't much my cup of tea. I really liked the glamour and sophistication of the swing Grace style.

The dress immediately reminded me of the golden age of Hollywood so I had to incorporate gold accessories into holiday look but for my promotion I went all red and it was fabulous.

This dress has a wrap top which flatters any size bust and a full circle skirt. I mean a real full skirt, not an A-line masquerading as a circle. So, if you are going for a  frothy effect petticoat is a must- the bigger the better, if you ask me.

The fabric is 100% Polyester Duchess Satin so it is heavy and luxurious, perfect for winter nights. Completed with dazzling jewelry and sparkly champagne, this dress is a show stopper at any party!

Timeless cut of Grace dress features a back zip, a nipped in waist and a modest bust. Though it seems simple and understated in its way, this dress exudes elegance and power, especially in red design.

Vivien of Holloway are famous for creating the ultimate pin up hourglass shape! As most of their dresses, this one is also designed to cinch and support and I loooove what it does to my figure.

Grace comes in lots of different colours, prints and fabrics available in sizes that cater from 24 to 38 inch waists. Vivien of Holloway also sells their full stock range online and ships internationally.

This is the most expensive Vivien of Holloway dress at £110, BUT there is definitely a reason for that. Into Grace are woven meters and meters of mesmerizing shiny fabric.

It is a very heavy and really nice quality sateen without stretch so make sure to measure yourself for best possible fit. If you’re concerned feel free to contact the customer service team with your inquiry.

As I mentioned, this dress is a part of Vivien of Holloway, UK based and made-in-Britain vintage style clothing brand. Born in 2000. Vivien's signature Fifties style soon took the world by storm.

 For more info about the brand and shop go to http://www.vivienofholloway.com/.

So don't save it all for Christmas day or any kind of special occasion. Make every day of 2017. exceptional!

Brooch- @vivalalux (Instagram)
Earrings, bracelets and hair piece- thrifted
Sandals- eBay

Much love and a happy holidays,


Lady Luck's Gigi Lime Green Orchid Hair Flower

Handsome smile, wearing handsome shoes,
Too young to say, though I swear he knew,
And I hear him singing while he sits there in his chair,
While these autumn leaves float around everywhere.
Paolo Nutini

Hello sweethearts!

Stepping slowly into the winter, I am grateful for the warm and sunny autumn that we had these year. These photos are taken a few weeks ago, on a beautiful fall day...

As a fan of novelty prints and dressing by the occasion, I had my eye on this Voodoo Vixen dress for a long time. Then, while I was in the UK I found it on a streets of Brighton for 15 pounds! It had a broken zip but I couldn't miss that bargain so I took her home, fix it and decide to give her my eternal love and care.

Adorable black cats with umbrellas on vibrant green provide a delightful contrast with yellow leaves and autumn colors. Black umbrella and Lady Luck's Gigi Lime Green Orchid hair flower are the perfect accessories for colder days, when you want to look stylish and fun.

Dress is part of the 2014. collection, in the meantime VV released it in blue and red version. My favorite feature of the dress is the black scallop trim on the neckline, cuffs and the pockets. And we are talking about huge pockets! I wear size M (UK 12) in VV range so this  dress fits great, except in the sleeves. Hem is so narrow that I had to make a slit so I could bend my arm.

Like the other Lady Luck's flowers, Gigi Lime Green Orchid hair flower is also very light and provided with a firm hairpin which ensures that the hair flower lays nice along the head.This vibrant color head piece makes a great statement peace. As for the shoes, they are nice but not very comfortable ;)

 Outfit details:
Dress- Voodoo Vixen Katnis in green
Hair flower: Gigi Lime Green Orchid Hair Flower by Lady Luck's Boutique
Shoes- PinUp Couture Bettie-22 Contrast Shoe

 Shop Lady Luck's Boutique: http://www.ladylucksboutique.com/rockabilly-pinup-hair-flowers
Like Lady Luck's Boutique on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ladylucksboutique
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 Love, Eleanor


Mid Century meets Mermaid

Hello sweethearts!

As much as I love to dress up, my favorite style is that everyday vintage 1940's and 1950's look. Since colder weather is upon us I very much enjoy my new baby blue saddle shoes and comfortable but warm clothes. My absolute favorite piece this fall is Miss Fortune Bobbie Jumper ♥

I'm sure you recognize this popular sweater as you have certainly seen it in various colors like aqua blue, Kingfisher blue, mustard, peach and others. Great news is that this fall it comes in three new colorways: Harvest, Pink lemonade and Mermaid. Miss Fortune makes incredible combinations of colors every season!

The Bobbie jumper is perfect for the sweater girl look! I love how it ends just above my hips so it goes great on high waisted skirts, jeans or trousers. Purple, blue and pink diamond design on Green Bay background gives endless possibilities of styling. My favorites are jeans, my pink swing trousers and I'm planing to buy a purple or green A- line skirt.

The knit itself is a 100% acrylic but quite thick. Also, there is lots of stretch to this sweater so if you are inbetween sizes decide by your own preference, depending on if you like it more narrower or wider look. I am wearing a size M and it is super comfortable.

As I mentioned in a previous post, Miss Fortune provides high quality construction and fit so don't worry if you over-stretch your jumper- different colours are all woven into it and not just printed which makes it extra durable.

Outfit details:
Sweater- Bobbie jumper by Miss Fortune in Mermaid colorway
(If harlequin print is not your cup of coffee, jumper is also available in plain version)
Trousers- custom made
Shoes- eBay (look for flat oxfords)
Bangles- New Yorker

Shop Miss Fortune here: http://missfortune.co.uk/
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Love, Eleanor


Autumn Carrie

Hello sweethearts!

Winter in Croatia is just around the corner as we entered November brrrrrr
My brain screams "tartaaaaaan" but my closet is quite poor with warm winter clothes. I'm always so attracted by colorful summer clothes that in winter I wear all of my summer dresses below layers
 and layers of sweaters and cardigans. But winter dress don't need not be boring and dark!
If you love bright and fun dresses like I do, Miss Fortune has a perfect frock for us this season!

Made in the UK, Miss Fortune made a makeover of their gorgeous Carrie dress. This season it comes in red & grey and black & blue colourway with a lush lurex thread running though beautiful tartan fabric.

First, I must say I adore this fabric! It is amazingly soft and light but warm, perfect for autumn. White and black tartan fabric provides a slight stretch and highlights a sparkly turquoise Lurex thread.

Matching turquoise neck band and little shoulder straps aid the fit and instant sass! The neckline isn’t too low so it  keeps some for the imagination but exposed shoulders give this dress a dose of romance and sex appeal.

Purchasing Miss Fortune pieces expect high quality construction and fit. I wear size M and Miss Fortune Carrie fits me perfectly but if you are inbetween sizes,  be safe to size down due to stretch in fabric.

I paired my blue Carrie dress with a blue and black accessories. I love to wear berets so I had to buy a thread and make myself a matching one, especially for this dress. I painted my white shoes that stood in the closet in blue (not very successfully, have to work on that hahaha) to balance the whole style.

Shop Miss Fortune here: http://missfortune.co.uk/
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Love, Eleanor


Japanese floral in autumn- Lady V London

Hello sweethearts!

Autumn is my favorite time of the year! How wouldn't it be when everything is so colorful, and on a bright sunny day it's like a golden dream. So, like I said before, my region is full of spectacular scenery, beautiful architecture and rich history. I never had the time to visit all of this places, so photo shoot is the perfect excuse to discover new terrains.

My new Lady V London Japanese Floral on Wine Tea dress perfectly matched with the fall scenery of the park and promenade connected to a hunting villa built in the manner of country architecture. This hunting villa is situated in Baranja, region of Croatia. It is a part of  the castle in Tikveš, built in the spirit of Romantic Historicism in the second half of the 19th century.

During its rich history, the castle was a hunting centre visited by members of the noble Teschen lineage, the Habsburg lineage, later by members of the Karađorđević dynasty and many others. Inspired by the history of this place, we took these photos thinking of many statesmen and celebrities that have walked this same paths.

Japanese Floral on Wine Tea dress seemed appropriate. This classic Tea dress features a 50's style flared skirt with a fitted bodice. It has a high neck at the front and a V neck at the back with a zip fastening and cute little straps that are tied into a bow.

The Tea dresses are designed to sit at the knee and they are not lined.  I am wearing mine with a 23" length petticoat, I prefer this look for more formal events considering this dress is satin fabric. 

Japanese Floral on Wine Tea Dress is a brand new exclusive print to Lady V made in London. If you are familiar with Lady V London brand you may have seen this gorgeous print in a different color and different style of the dress. Lady V London provides many different styles of dresses in a lot of gorgeous fabrics.

Size range goes from 8 to 32 and their Lady Voluptuous Plus Size Vintage Clothing label dresses are created in a collaboration with Georgina Horne from the blog Fuller Figure Fuller Bust. I wear size 14 in this particular style.

Do check size guide when you buy different style dresses! If a Tea style dress is convenient for you in size 8 it does not mean that the same size will match for Audrey or other style dress.

This dress, with a little imagination, gives a lot of styling opportunities. I've actually been in a dilemma, whether to pair with blue, red or gold shoes and accessories. And believe me, it is nice with all of them, in the end it all comes down to personal taste.

For more daily look I can see myself wearing it with cute burgundy flats, beret and white cardigan. You will just have to follow my Instagram to see ;)

For purchase and more about Lady Vintage go to: http://ladyvlondon.com/
You can also like Lady Vintage on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ladyvlondon/?fref=ts
or follow Lady Vintage on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ladyvlondon/

OOTD details:
Dress- Lady Vintage
Shoes, petticoat and fascinator- eBay
Burgundy bracelet- Splendette
Red bracelet- New Yorker
Earrings- vintage

Love, Eleanor