Scarlet Bloom

Hello sweethearts!

I am super excited to bring a new blog post for you after such a long time, especially because it is a review of a gorgeous dress so I had a chance to get in front of a camera and do what I love after a long working summer. I'm very impatient, so let's get started!

My love for 40's era is huge so adding another beautiful 40's inspired reproduction dress to my closet was pure joy. This one is from Pretty Retro, an exciting British brand of retro/vintage styled womenswear primarily influenced by 1940s and 1950s fashion and sister brand to The House of Foxy.

I wear Pretty Retro dress in 40's Tea style. This style is available in 3 new different prints (on Pretty Retro site this style is available in 7 prints!), one more beautiful than the other. Mine is called Scarlet Bloom 🌹

Since I live in Zagreb now, the process of organizing a photo shoot and creating a look was a little complicated. Half of my stuff are still at my parent's house which is 3 hour drive away. So I told my mom to come and bring me all of my red and white accessories (sorry mom 😅).

I had a classic look with hair snood and gloves in my mind but when I put the dress on the feeling it gave me was completely different, I guess you can see why- it's pure va-va-voom 🔥
So I ditched the snood and lace gloves, put my red pumps and let the dress do all the talk.

First that draws attention is the bustline, obviously. Gathered details pulled into a sweetheart shape by fabric tabs at each side are here to create an enviable bust on every gal. Ribbon at the end of the V cut is also a nice touch that you can let loose or tie into a bow.

I love the cute flutter sleeves which falls nicely because of lightweight 100% polyester scarlet floral print material. Fabric is non stretch but due to style of dress it will form itself naturally according to body shape. I wear a size UK12 that fits 38" bust, 30" waist and 39" hip.

Tea style dress fits my usual size so I would say it is true to size but if you are undecided, choose by hip size because gathers above and below bust are accommodating of different size busts and cut over waist and hip means it will also expand to fit.

The dress suprised me with one unusual (for me) detail- no zip or fastenings! I was initially intimidated but due to bias style it is enough to just pull it over your head.

The design of this dress seems simple but bust details add a lot of fancy to it, so  it is suitable for everyday wear and also for nice summer evening dinner. I find it very adaptable for a lot of occasions, just change some accessories like jewelry or bag.

Since the print is floral and has a lot of vibrant colors the possibilities for accessorising are countless- from plain white cardigan and white lace gloves with white hair snood to pink, green or yellow shoes and jewelry. Or even inconspicuous brown or black shoes and bag for a more toned down look (we all know how wearing vintage style can attract many curious views).

If you want to se more of this dress and how I will style it in the future find me and follow on Instagram → @eleanor_rebel

 Oh and one more great thing! If you are not a dress addict like myself, Pretty Retro also offers an amazing 1940's & 1950's inspired blouses, shirts, jersey tops and cardigans, swing pants, capris, skirts, knitwear and best of all- gift vouchers! Now you are ready for a holiday shoping 🎁

OOTD details:
Dress- Pretty 40s Tea Dress in Scarlet Bloom
Shoes- eBay

Order your Pretty Retro frock here: http://www.prettyretro.co.uk/
Also don't forget to like Pretty Retro on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/prettyretroclothing/
and follow on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/prettyretroclothing/

This is all for now. I'm looking forward to blogging next year and hope you will read my posts in 2018. Wishing you all a nice and warm holiday season 💕

Love, Eleanor


I'm back!

Hello sweethearts!

If you follow me on my social media than you know I came home 2 weeks ago. My life has been hectic since and I finally grabbed the time to update you all on my future (blogging) plans.

First of all, I have to say that that last few months were life changing and beautiful.
I am grateful for everything that happened to me since March, from work that I learned a lot and grow up as a person, to people that I have met and situations I've had to overcome. 

New people who have entered my life have left a great mark and beautiful memories and some have remained in my life 💕 I hope that they will be here for a long time.

So, now on to the future... Priority is to find a job as a social worker. News is that I will be changing my place of residence. That will allow me to find a job easier and start life with my special someone. Since I intend to return to active blogging now, change of residence will also allow me to cooperate with a large number of photographers. 

So if you would like to collaborate with me my email is eleonora.lovric@yahoo.com

Love, Eleanor


100 days...

Hello sweethearts!

It is hard to believe that 100 days have passed since I left my home to work in Laguna Poreč. Only 74 days more to go!

Usually July and August are the busiest and hardest months in Molindrio Hotel so now its time to step up but I love what I do. Guests are nice and job is dinamic so its always interesting.

Free time I spend on a beach or exploring city of Poreč:

Last month I did a small change in my hair color, do you like it?

Also, my family visited so I had 3 bitter sweet days with my daughter ❤

Again, I want to say sorry to all of wonderful brands that want to collaborate with me. I hope we can get in touch again in October. 

I leave you with a few gorgeouse photos of sunset in Poreč that I took with my Canon EOS750D

Love, Eleanor


One month update

Hello sweethearts!

I took some time late at night after work to post a lil update on my job and life right now. I miss doing collaborations and photos, but I do try to be active on Instagram. I still get e mails for collabs, so I'm sorry that I have to refuse them at the moment.

I work in a beautiful 4☆ hotel Molindrio in Poreč, Croatia as a waitress and share room with 3 girls.

A lot of new friends and a new job turned my life around and I am happy for every experience and chance I get here.

I work usually two times a day, in the morning from 8 to 12 or 2 p.m. and at evening from 6 to 10 p.m.  On my free time I hang out with my colleagues or walking and exploring nature.

Outfit for the next 5 months:

Kisses and much love,



In absentia

Hello sweethearts!

With sad heart I have to inform you that this is my last blog post till October...

If you follow me for some time, you know that I got my master's degree in social work in November. Unfortunately, as my diploma is acquired on University of Mostar in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatian department won't give me the qualification that I need to work in the profession atm.

Of this problem I found out in January, and with all that was happening privately in my life at that time, I made a decision to find a summer job at sea. In February things began to take place very quickly...After a job interview I was invited to the 2 week professional training  (if you follow me on Instagram @eleanor_rebel you saw that I was in Poreč, Croatia in March).

Training was very successful (it included learning two foreign languages, making cocktails and coffee, sommelier training and a lot more). I was offered a job as a waitress in **** Molindrio Hotel (see HERE). So, I am leaving my home on April 9th. Still not sure when I'll be back, it depends on the success of the summer season but I suppose it would be in early October.

I will take my camera with me but given the fact that I do not own a laptop I will not be able to edit images and write blog posts 😢 That also means that I will not be able to do collaborations this summer. I sincerely apologize to everyone, this is something that was very unexpected but it is necessary.

I hope you enjoyed this photos taken a few days ago. It was a gorgeous and warm spring day 💛

Dress, belt, petticoat and sunglasses- eBay
Bamboo jewelry- Lady Luck's Boutique 
Shoes and purse- vintage

Much love, Eleanor