Japanese floral in autumn- Lady V London

Hello sweethearts!

Autumn is my favorite time of the year! How wouldn't it be when everything is so colorful, and on a bright sunny day it's like a golden dream. So, like I said before, my region is full of spectacular scenery, beautiful architecture and rich history. I never had the time to visit all of this places, so photo shoot is the perfect excuse to discover new terrains.

My new Lady V London Japanese Floral on Wine Tea dress perfectly matched with the fall scenery of the park and promenade connected to a hunting villa built in the manner of country architecture. This hunting villa is situated in Baranja, region of Croatia. It is a part of  the castle in Tikveš, built in the spirit of Romantic Historicism in the second half of the 19th century.

During its rich history, the castle was a hunting centre visited by members of the noble Teschen lineage, the Habsburg lineage, later by members of the Karađorđević dynasty and many others. Inspired by the history of this place, we took these photos thinking of many statesmen and celebrities that have walked this same paths.

Japanese Floral on Wine Tea dress seemed appropriate. This classic Tea dress features a 50's style flared skirt with a fitted bodice. It has a high neck at the front and a V neck at the back with a zip fastening and cute little straps that are tied into a bow.

The Tea dresses are designed to sit at the knee and they are not lined.  I am wearing mine with a 23" length petticoat, I prefer this look for more formal events considering this dress is satin fabric. 

Japanese Floral on Wine Tea Dress is a brand new exclusive print to Lady V made in London. If you are familiar with Lady V London brand you may have seen this gorgeous print in a different color and different style of the dress. Lady V London provides many different styles of dresses in a lot of gorgeous fabrics.

Size range goes from 8 to 32 and their Lady Voluptuous Plus Size Vintage Clothing label dresses are created in a collaboration with Georgina Horne from the blog Fuller Figure Fuller Bust. I wear size 14 in this particular style.

Do check size guide when you buy different style dresses! If a Tea style dress is convenient for you in size 8 it does not mean that the same size will match for Audrey or other style dress.

This dress, with a little imagination, gives a lot of styling opportunities. I've actually been in a dilemma, whether to pair with blue, red or gold shoes and accessories. And believe me, it is nice with all of them, in the end it all comes down to personal taste.

For more daily look I can see myself wearing it with cute burgundy flats, beret and white cardigan. You will just have to follow my Instagram to see ;)

For purchase and more about Lady Vintage go to: http://ladyvlondon.com/
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OOTD details:
Dress- Lady Vintage
Shoes, petticoat and fascinator- eBay
Burgundy bracelet- Splendette
Red bracelet- New Yorker
Earrings- vintage

Love, Eleanor


Lady Luck's Kiki Lime Green and Red Orchid Hair Flower

Hello sweethearts!

Lately I received some amazing invitations to collaboration that have made me very happy. I'd like to think that the invitations are a result of progress with my photography and style. This year I put a lot of effort into my blog and I hope you, my dear reader like it. Your support is very much appreciated and I will do my best to keep this blog worth reading and worthy of your precious time.

 Learning and experimenting with photography is something that makes me very happy lately. Therefore, I'm taking advantage of every nice day for a photo shoot. It's also fun because I can drive and discover some beautiful places and landscapes near by.

So one nice day I went to my friends summer house in the hills, you know, just to water the flowers ;)
I had to be conveniently dressed for the occasion. So I put on my cherry dress and red pumps, carefully placed my Lady Luck's accessories and picked up my yellow bucket.

Since I got my brand ambasador package from Lady Luck's Boutique this summer, their hair flowers and jewelry are an indispensable part of my outfits. I love to combine Lady Luck's bamboo jewelry with my plastic bangles for more color coordination.
Kiki Lime Green and Red Orchid hair flower make two wonderful attached flowers. Available in a variety of vibrant colours, this combination of two orchids is eye-catching and elegant.

OOTD details:
Dress and shoes: eBay
Hair flower and bamboo jewelry: Lady Luck's Boutique
Plastic bangles: New Yorker

Shop Lady Luck's Boutique: http://www.ladylucksboutique.com/rockabilly-pinup-hair-flowers
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Love, Eleanor


Lady K Loves- curves!

Hello sweethearts!

I don't dress up rockabilly as much as I used to before. But when I got a parcel from Lady K Loves I thought "Why the hell not?!". It is soooooooooo goooooood to leave fluffy dresses aside and step into bad girl mood.

Lady K Loves was kind to send me their fabulous V2 50's style pencil wiggle skirt in leopard print, black Splendid wrap top and orange square shear chiffon scarf.

I paired my V2 pencil wiggle skirt and Splendid wrap top with a Cry Baby brooch (store not available anymore), bamboo hoops and leopard bracelet by  Lady Luck's Boutique, Black wedges, leopard cat eye sunglasses and big "Amy Winehouse" hair.

BAM! Instant sass! Can't remember when any of my swing dresses gave me that feeling. There is something in curvalicious clothes that gives a girl confidence that she did not know she has. (Contrary to popular belief that it is precisely confidence that you have to have to wear something like this)

Splendid wrap top is beautifully designed! It features a collar you can pop up for a bit of attitude or wear it down for a more demure business look. Like I said, it's a wrap top so front side has fasten wrap around that gives some serious curves! Sleeves are elegant 3/4 length convenient for almost any season.

I must emphasize the quality of this top. Light fabric is super comfortable and firm stitching makes it very durable. I usually wear size M but my top is XS, it is true to measurements on Lady K Loves site so make sure to check out size chart before buying. Skirt is a size S. Both come in a various colors and sizes from XS to XXL.

Now, I know whatya thinkin' ;) That waist- right?!!! Trust me it's the skirt! As soon as I pulled it out of the package I thought "How will I put my bum and waist in that"?! And then the magic happened! This skirt has a true hourglass shape so if you have curves it will accentuate them, if you don't- you will get them! With a slightly longer style this skirt is very authentic 50's pencil skirts. Featuring a back vent, waist band with rear zip and button V2 is, like the top, comfortable and firm.
Did I mention the pockets?!

Wanna be a hot rockabilly vixen this season? Here's where to look for your style:
Shop Lady K Loves: http://www.lady-k-loves.com/
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Love, Eleanor


Lady Luck's Billie Green Orchid & Lilac Lily Hair Flower

Hello sweethearts!

Autumn here can be quite shifty but last month we enjoyed some amazing weather, so I decided to go for a ride on my old bike.

For the occasion I wore my custum made green shirt dress, matching sandals, straw hat and Lady Luck's Boutique hair flower and jewelry.

 Lady Luck's Billie Green Orchid & Lilac Lily hair flower was a great choice for this outfit! Green orchid matches the color of my dress while lilac lily gaves a nice subtle pop of color.

 Oversized Round Tiki Bamboo Earrings don't have to be obliged jewelry only in the summer, with fun hats they can be worn all year round!

Tiki bamboo bangle, Chunky bamboo bangle and Twisted Tiki bamboo bangle complement the whole look while they rattle on my arm.
It was quite windy that day hahaha

Like the other Lady Luck's flowers, Billie Green Orchid & Lilac Lily hair flower is also very light and provided with a firm hairpin which ensures that the hair flower lays nice along the head.This vibrant color head piece makes a great statement peace.

 Bamboo jewelry is amazing quality, very firm and light. You will not regret buying!

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Love, Eleanor


Lady Luck's red Debra Hibiscus

Hello sweethearts!

Babes on this side of the hemisphere did you take advantage of the last days of summer?! I sure did!
I took my new to me Smooch dress for a one last stroll this season.

I paired it with red and white stripes earrings and matching bangle, Deer Arrow brooch and Lady Luck's Boutique Debra Hibiscus red hair flower.

A while ago I became Lady Luck's Boutique brand ambasador!! That is a huge honor and
blessing for me. I find their hair flowers, bamboo jewellery and tropical accessories amazing so I was quite impatient to get my parcel.

Among all the gorgeous jewelry and hair flowers this red hibiscus immediately caught the eye!

Debra hair flower is a silk hibiscus in vibrant red color. It measures approximately 12 cm so it makes a great statement peace for any tiki inspired outfit!

It also comes in orange too and in many variations so make sure you check the shop here :)

Sumptuous Debra is very light and provided with a firm hairpin which ensures that the hair flower lays nice along the head, so it is very stabile on your hair and it will not fall off.

From time to time my friends find something beautiful for me. That is how I got this dress, from a girl friend that thought it would look great on me. Tag says Linea Domani, so I am not familiar with the brand but I love this frock!

It is a light shirt style dress with buttons that go all the way. Perfect for summer! Can't wait to wear it again next year. Until then my Lady Luck's Boutique Debra Hibiscus will have to complement other dresses ♥

Shop Lady Luck's Boutique: http://www.ladylucksboutique.com/rockabilly-pinup-hair-flowers
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Love, Eleanor


New adventure

Hello sweethearts!

Today's blog post is a little bit different...
I started this blog on May 2015. I found my inspiration in many vintage/pin up bloggers. By the time I decided to start a blog I had a lot of collaborations, lot of photos that were telling a story. I wanted to put that story out there, to tell others why and how much I love some products and brands. We live in a time when everything bad is louder than good, trolls are everywhere and compliments for hard work is hard to get. I wanted to write something nice about people and their goods in the pin up community.
Now, after a few years of modeling and various experiences with many photographers (some good, some bad), I decided, like many bloggers there to invest in a good quality DSLR camera. There are  numerous reasons such as time (I often had to shoot several styles in one day, limited with time and/or weather conditions), money and it became hard to find a photographer that has an "eye" for a certain type of photography.
After a good time of thinking and informing I decided to go with the The Canon EOS 750D, known as the Rebel T6i in the USA. Plan is to buy a lens too when Im able to, probably 50mm f/1.8
Practice makes perfect, so here are some photos I took. Model is my sweet daughter Hana Leona ♥♥♥

 Hana Leona is wearing Milushka jewelry and red gingham dress.

She is a great model, we had so much fun!

These are my personal favorite ♥♥♥

So from now on the photos on my blog will be from my own camera unless otherwise stated. I look forward to discovering and learning about the world of photography!
Love, Eleanor