Custom made: swing pants

Hello sweethearts!

For a long time I dreaded of high-waisted pants, didn't think I could pull them off with my tummy :(
Ever since I can remember, even when I was  slimmer I had a tummy, It is just the way I am built so I had no choice but to accept it.
This spring I realized that with good compression panties I can try to make it work because I bought super cute H&M blouse and I really wanted a great tiki inspired look for summer.
I bought a pink 1.6 yards material, not sure what type but it is very light with a little strech and it doesn't wrikle, I love that it's so easy-care.
This is the pattern that my seamstress followed:

With a little modifications this is how my swing trousers turned out:

I wear them a lot in a various combinations.
And the best thing is they fit like a glove and costed me 30$ in total!
I will have to get myself at least one more pair for a colder days maybe with a suspenders for that genuine 40s look ♥♥♥
Love, Eleanor


Midnight In the Conservatory

Hello sweethearts!! ♥♥♥

I'm in a very good mood- it's summer and I just love warm weather, cold lemonade and evening walks in my summer dresses ♥♥♥
Speaking of dresses I have the perfect dress to twirl in on the night out!

I present to you "In the Conservatory" dress in midnight blue made by Pigtails and Pirates.
But first a few words about the mind behind the brand: Pigtails and Pirates began in 2011. when Laura Jones started creating children’s clothing. I am impressed that Laura is a self taught seamstress and pattern maker! Her Australian made and designed ladies and children’s clothing is extremely popular  on social networks where I first saw her work.

As you can see Pigtails and Pirates ladies clothing has a hint of retro to it, drawing inspiration from the 1950’s silhouette and feminine feel. Her beautiful designs appeal to women who are looking for vintage style dresses, 1950s dresses, rockabilly dresses, pin up style dresses or swing dresses.

Pigtails and Pirates have a wide range of beautiful fabrics and can even tailor a look just for you and your little daughter or son!

My dress is a gorgeous fully-lined bodice sweetheart style dress that features a print of vibrant florals on a dark blue background.

A palette of sea blues, poppy pink and chalk white flowers are the first thing you notice but the hint of lace puts the finishing touch to this beautiful " In the Conservatory" dress.

What I absolutely love on this dress is the sweetheart neckline and fat straps that stand firmly in place.

This full circle skirt hits just below the knee; dress is also available in white color fabric.

The fabric is soft cotton (doesn't strech), so light and flutter that it is perfect for summer! Dress is finished off with a hidden zipper on the back.

I paired it with my pink  petticoat for an extremely vintage look but I think it fits wonderful without it too, for a more daily look I just wear it with a pink cardigan, dark blue belt and cute summer sandals :)

Australian measures are different from the European so be sure to check size chart before order or ask the friendly Pigtails and Pirates team for advice! According to the size chart I am size 10 and my dress fits like a glove!
Pigtails and Pirates offers a diverse range of unique and original designs- you can see a small video of Laura discussing Pigtails and Pirates here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=28c91GXRyIs
And for a full MUAH made by me check this short video here:
Photos by: Foto Mara
Location: Hotel Patria  
Now I have a dress that I will  proudly wear for years and if you want one too don't hesitate to order from bright, bold and fun fabrics to soft pastels and florals- Pigtails and Pirates will let you express your individual style!
Thank you miss Laura ♥♥♥
Love, Eleanor


Vixen Connie

Hello sweethearts!

Grab your ice coffee and enjoy because I have another review for you :)
I am pleased to introduce to you the "Connie" dress by Voodoo Vixen

If you want to be noticed- this is the dress for you!

"Connie" is a vibrant red A- line dress with glasses print throughout that I absolutely adore ♥♥
Since it fits perfectly with my cat-eye glasses I decided to put my poodle hair and visit a local library.

There are many reasons why this dress is so special. Besides the print my favorite thing is her beautiful detailed neckline with black piping and pockets.

Thank you Voodoo Vixen for a great eye for details, you sure know how to win my ♥

Don't let the length of this dress fools you, It is just below the knee  (Im 5.6) but there is a lot of sass going on ;)

It is made out of heavy weight stretch cotton with invisible zip on the back so thumbs up for not messing your hair when you put it on!

I am wearing it with a medium full black petticoat but I think it would be perfect with a fuller petticoat (or just wear 2).

This dress comes in a plus size too and you can find a matching cardigan for her on http://www.voodoovixen.co.uk/!

Did I made you feel in love with "Connie"? Because I sure am seduced and by the looks so are the half people in my town :)

Like Voodoo Vixen on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/VVLDN?fref=ts
Shop here: http://www.voodoovixen.co.uk/

Love, Eleanor