Custom made: swing pants

Hello sweethearts!

For a long time I dreaded of high-waisted pants, didn't think I could pull them off with my tummy :(
Ever since I can remember, even when I was  slimmer I had a tummy, It is just the way I am built so I had no choice but to accept it.
This spring I realized that with good compression panties I can try to make it work because I bought super cute H&M blouse and I really wanted a great tiki inspired look for summer.
I bought a pink 1.6 yards material, not sure what type but it is very light with a little strech and it doesn't wrikle, I love that it's so easy-care.
This is the pattern that my seamstress followed:

With a little modifications this is how my swing trousers turned out:

I wear them a lot in a various combinations.
And the best thing is they fit like a glove and costed me 30$ in total!
I will have to get myself at least one more pair for a colder days maybe with a suspenders for that genuine 40s look ♥♥♥
Love, Eleanor


  1. Cute! Great total price...every seamstress I hook up with everything costs me 100.00 ...good for you going for it and accepting your lovely, womanly shape. Ruby of Ruby's Musings on instagram

    1. thank you very much Ruby! I am lucky than in Croatia fabric is cheap and my seamstress is priceless hahahha

  2. Okay, these are officially off-the-charts awesome!!! Love, love, super love! From the cut to the colour to how sensational they look on you, I am flat out smitten!

    Big hugs,
    ♥ Jessica

  3. thank you very much ^.^ you made fangirling now hahahha <3