Lady K Loves- curves!

Hello sweethearts!

I don't dress up rockabilly as much as I used to before. But when I got a parcel from Lady K Loves I thought "Why the hell not?!". It is soooooooooo goooooood to leave fluffy dresses aside and step into bad girl mood.

Lady K Loves was kind to send me their fabulous V2 50's style pencil wiggle skirt in leopard print, black Splendid wrap top and orange square shear chiffon scarf.

I paired my V2 pencil wiggle skirt and Splendid wrap top with a Cry Baby brooch (store not available anymore), bamboo hoops and leopard bracelet by  Lady Luck's Boutique, Black wedges, leopard cat eye sunglasses and big "Amy Winehouse" hair.

BAM! Instant sass! Can't remember when any of my swing dresses gave me that feeling. There is something in curvalicious clothes that gives a girl confidence that she did not know she has. (Contrary to popular belief that it is precisely confidence that you have to have to wear something like this)

Splendid wrap top is beautifully designed! It features a collar you can pop up for a bit of attitude or wear it down for a more demure business look. Like I said, it's a wrap top so front side has fasten wrap around that gives some serious curves! Sleeves are elegant 3/4 length convenient for almost any season.

I must emphasize the quality of this top. Light fabric is super comfortable and firm stitching makes it very durable. I usually wear size M but my top is XS, it is true to measurements on Lady K Loves site so make sure to check out size chart before buying. Skirt is a size S. Both come in a various colors and sizes from XS to XXL.

Now, I know whatya thinkin' ;) That waist- right?!!! Trust me it's the skirt! As soon as I pulled it out of the package I thought "How will I put my bum and waist in that"?! And then the magic happened! This skirt has a true hourglass shape so if you have curves it will accentuate them, if you don't- you will get them! With a slightly longer style this skirt is very authentic 50's pencil skirts. Featuring a back vent, waist band with rear zip and button V2 is, like the top, comfortable and firm.
Did I mention the pockets?!

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Love, Eleanor


  1. I love, love these photos, especially on that train line! You look rockin in that rockabilly inspired wiggle skirt and top, wow!! xo

    1. Thanks, I find them one of my fav too. And that top and skirt are super versatile!