In absentia

Hello sweethearts!

With sad heart I have to inform you that this is my last blog post till October...

If you follow me for some time, you know that I got my master's degree in social work in November. Unfortunately, as my diploma is acquired on University of Mostar in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatian department won't give me the qualification that I need to work in the profession atm.

Of this problem I found out in January, and with all that was happening privately in my life at that time, I made a decision to find a summer job at sea. In February things began to take place very quickly...After a job interview I was invited to the 2 week professional training  (if you follow me on Instagram @eleanor_rebel you saw that I was in Poreč, Croatia in March).

Training was very successful (it included learning two foreign languages, making cocktails and coffee, sommelier training and a lot more). I was offered a job as a waitress in **** Molindrio Hotel (see HERE). So, I am leaving my home on April 9th. Still not sure when I'll be back, it depends on the success of the summer season but I suppose it would be in early October.

I will take my camera with me but given the fact that I do not own a laptop I will not be able to edit images and write blog posts 😢 That also means that I will not be able to do collaborations this summer. I sincerely apologize to everyone, this is something that was very unexpected but it is necessary.

I hope you enjoyed this photos taken a few days ago. It was a gorgeous and warm spring day 💛

Dress, belt, petticoat and sunglasses- eBay
Bamboo jewelry- Lady Luck's Boutique 
Shoes and purse- vintage

Much love, Eleanor


  1. All the best! I'll miss your blog posts but I'll still follow you on instagram and facebook! :)

    1. Thank you Camilla, Ill be active on Instagram :*