Fair dinkum love for Erstwilder

Hello sweeethearts!

I was never much of a brooch lady, just didn't want to drill holes in my dresses, until recently! ;) I got a few vintage brooches for Christmas last year and won a few of them on Instagram and now I'm hooked! And as you probably know there is a legendary brand of jewelry very popular among this beautiful pin up community and beyond. It pops up on each outfit and is known as the holy grail in each collection of brooches, of course I'm talking about Erstwilder.

Before I started to collect my own pile of brooches, I admired these fun, a little bit excessive but incredibly likeable jewelry, so when I got a chance to collaborate with Erstwilder I was super excited and flattered.
Founded in 2011., each Erstwilder piece is designed in Melbourne by a local artist Louisa Camille, and crafted from layers of resin. The Erstwilder collection includes necklaces, brooches and  earrings so it was quite an adventure to pick up top 3 to review.
I have decided to go with Winston the Westie, A change in the wind and Carmen’s cosmetics. First I must commend their very fast delivery, parcel arrived in just 5 days (including weekend) from Australia to Croatia! First impressions? Let’s go in order.
A change in the wind is a beautiful hand assembled, hand painted and limited edition brooch from Happy Traveller Collection. They are all limited edition which makes them fun to collect!

I love how layered she is, her  3D design is so eye catching!

Also she is 7x3 cm of cute retro flair to add to your look.

Painted black and red makes her easy to combine and will brighten everyone’s  gloomy rainy day this autumn.


Carmen’scosmetics is a part of the Beauty School Collection of Erstwilder 's Spring 2015. range.
This super cute brooch is in the shape of a well filled toilet bag made from several layers of resin.
And a small mirror is a real mirror!! How adorable is that?!
7.5x7.5 cm big, it is a perfect statement piece for every makeup glam girl.

And last but not least- Winston the Westie. I have to say this one is my favorite...I mean look at him :)
The fact that it's a solid color means I can basically match him with anything! 
Although he is pearly white at first glance, signs of fine threads gives him a beautiful depth.
He is also bigger than I expected, 6.5x 6.5 cm. The size of every Erstwilder brooch was a suprise to me, just like their beauty, they really are enchanting.

Now that we have seen how gorgeous Erstwilder brooches are let’s talk about how special they make you feel! Each piece comes with its own  round cardboard box, little catchwords on item and a little teapot hang tag. Doesn't get any better and personal that that.

Although jewelry made out of resin sounds scary and fragile in the beginning all Erstwilder brooches are assembled in the way that pin is screwed into the resin wich makes them solid and strong.  Resin is very good quality so if you handle it with care it will last for years.

Until recently if you wanted Erstwilder jewelry you had to search it from various suppliers who often did not have the entire collection. Now you can find all of them on  http://www.erstwilder.com/ and even suggest your own design in a suggestion box http://www.erstwilder.com/pages/suggest-a-design !

I can go about this on and on but it is better to see for yourself:
Like Erstwilder on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/erstwilder?fref=ts
Follow on Instagram https://instagram.com/erstwilderofficial/ and Pinterest https://www.pinterest.com/erstwilder/
And don’t forget to shop on http://www.erstwilder.com/ ♥♥♥

Love, Eleanor


  1. Divna si na slikama!!! Ne bih znala reci koja mi se najvise svidja <3 <3 <3

    1. hvala <3 zaista sam uvijek zadovoljna foto marom :)

  2. Awesome brooches! I love finding blogs from people I follow on instagram!


    1. thank you Alisa :) I love your blog, totally agree on Lindy bop dresses I have the same problem but this halloween audrey does suit you perfectly! <3