Lindy Bop: blues

Hello sweethearts!

Holiday season has begun and so are the sales. But I am not going to write about that, not yet.
First let me write about two of my Lindy Bop dresses in blue: 'Ionia' Sea Blue Flared Shirt Swing Dress and 'Ola' Vintage 1950's Hawaiian Floral Sarong Style Wiggle dress which is currently available in light blue but I'm sure it will be back in floral too soon.

Ionia sea blue was a perfect day time 40's inspired dress for me, but unfortunately when I got her I didn't know what I know now and it came way too small for me. I asked for a size UK12 but since the dress is thin and very lights cotton fabric it runs small so it literally burst at the seams on me :(

It didn't fit on me, mostly on my bust and the waist was higher than it should be so when I realized I really can't wear it, with a heavy heart  I sold it. The dress itself is amazing! Perfect for summer! It's beautiful vibrant blue color with a contrasting pink polka dots and super cute (real) flower shaped buttons.

I loved the idea of wearing it with saddle shoes and just driving around on my bike while light wide flared skirt flutters in the wind. I really like the flattering V shaped neckline and short sleeves! Ionia has hidden side zip that I don't like but I loved the  back tie.

Before I said goodbye to her I did managed to get some nice styles covering the critical parts of the dress on me:

I totally grieve for this dress so if you like it go buy it now! It's a must have :)

Opposed to Ionia, Ola is a bombshell dress! It si a glamour fab sarong style dress inspired by 1950's holiday parties. And boy I sure do love to party in it ;)

Ola is made out of thicker medium weight cotton fabric so it still fits me in size UK12 although I am UK14 now, and it provides a little strech so it is very comfortable!

Decorative, flattering waterfall ruffle to left side of skirt is perfect for a tummy hide and the extra wide halter neck ties gives your girls the right support ;) This dress is great for busty gals and the ones who, like me, wear a size 14 and up because it is elasticated on the top of the back for extra comfort & great fit and has a flattering subtle sweetheart halter neck.

Ola is designed to create the perfect hourglass 50’s silhouette so if you want to dress to impress next summer be sure to check it out. It is one of my favorite dresses!

And Lindy Bop is still running a huge sale: http://www.lindybop.co.uk/sale-c49
Wanna see what I got for holidays on Lindy Bop shop?+ Lindy Bop kids/ girl dress :)
Stay tuned!

Love, Eleanor

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