That Old Time Jubly-Umph Feeling

Hello sweethearts!

While I long for spring, outside rain falls tirelessly... But it was kind enough to stop for a few hours so I could take new photos and show you something new and fun on the blog today! ♥♥
Are you familiar with Jubly-Umph Originals?? I first noticed Jubly-Umph in 2014. I believe, on Instagram when I stumbled on that amazing and original art. My attention was immediately attracted by the bags... Bags I say?! Yes! Jubly-Umph creates art, jewellery AND accessories from her original illustrations!
is an Australian-based brand, brainchild of talented Tasha Miller, Melbourne artist who paints pictures in watercolours and indian ink creating characters with mysterious eyes and, as she says, curious occupations. Her paintings are available in limited edition giclee prints, eco-friendly greeting cards, lovely handbags and resin coated jewellery pieces, all 100% animal friendy and vegan products.

Since I am a crisp brooch fan, yours truly was over the moon to collaborate with such a unique brand! Jubly-Umph Originals pointed out that her new collection "That Old Time Feeling" would be a great match to my style and boy oh boy was she right! My parcel came very fast, within 12 days from Australia to Croatia. If you wanna see how it looked go to my Instagram here because I just love love love when companies make that extra effort in presenting their items in a beautiful package.

My parcel was hiding 3 brooches and two pairs of earrings. I really really like that every piece of jewelry comes attached to a hard and stabile pasteboard that on the back contains all the information you need to know, especially info of which material the jewelry is made of.
'Play It Again' Gramophone Brooch is a quirky vintage style gramophone brooch based on an original illustration of Jubly-Umph Originals. It measures approximately 55mm in length and has a gorgeous details like subtle twirls which conjure the music streaming through the gramophone.
It is made out of solid stainless steel and resin so if you handle it with care it will last for years.

I paired it with a simple black dress because it has white border so it stands out. I like the idea of wearing it with plain dresses so it makes a central part of the combination.
I completed this look with "Readers Gotta Read" Book studs. I love that each piece of jewelry has a printed logo on the back!
They may seem small but they are perfect for every ear with 17mm x 13mm measurements.
With that cute cat-eye glasses and a fun quip these earrings will not go unnoticed!
"Talk Is Cheap" Vintage Telephone brooch is my next statement piece!
This cute vintage style black telephone bears the saying "Talk Is Cheap", so funny! I have to wear it on a night out hahah
I am wearing it with a cute red dress with white polka dots, perfect for summer! Vintage Telephone brooch measures 45mm in length so it catches the eye of every boy ;)
Great match are "Snap Happy" Camera Studs, especially if you are an  artist or a photographer!
They measure 17mm x 8mm and characterize distinctive vintage rose.
And I always save the best for last :) Like Jubly-Umph Originals lady heads are instantly recognisable I believe this piece is a star of  "That Old Time Feeling" collection!

"Felix The Dapper Fox" brooch is just made for my favorite custome made dress!    
This perfect 55mm tall gentleman is everything a pin up girl could wish for with his bowler hat and bow tie!
I am enchanted every time he takes me out in my favorite green dress because he knows how important it is to match with your sweetheart. He is a powerful fox made out of solid stainless steel and resin so I'm sure he will be with me for a long time ♥♥

Love, Eleanor

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