Great things happen by love

Hello sweethearts!

Winter days are finally over, now only with a strange remembrance I recall of cold days while the spring sun warms  my face. Winter was long but somehow Gloria's presence early in March was just an introduction to the beautiful days ahead. 

These photos are taken on the last day of Gloria's stay in Zagreb. It was a gloomy day but long talk with coffee and cakes made it better. In the evening we relaxed with the film and hers delicious pancakes. I write this because I really enjoyed Gloria's company but also, I've been thinking a lot.

Gloria was working on herself in the last few years and while I was looking for a security in her decisions and actions I overlooked a simple and wonderful thing. She said: "Great things happen by love"...and then everything was clear to me. 

Not to enter into some deep thinking now, I hope every one of you reading this will think about that sentence and what it means to you. And I hope you will keep it in your morning reflections before you start your day like I do. Thank you my dear friend...

All photos are taken by Gloria La Marr Ⓡ with her Canon EOS 80D and Sigma 18-35 mm f/1.8 DC HSM Art lens.

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Love, Eleanor

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