First my Daughter, forever my Friend

Hello sweethearts!

It is a wonderful time of the year in Croatia! Warm weather lures you, just to be outside and soak up the sun. But when you live in an agricultural region, this is the time when every sunset gild the sunflowers and wheat and I tell you- it is magical...
So I used one of those sunsets and took my daughter for a walk.

If you don't follow my blog from the beginning; I am a full time single mom, my daughter's name is Hana Leona and she is 6 years old. Hana Leona is very open, talkative and a real philosopher!Before she does anything she will have a good discussion about it, even if it's with itself, but when she starts there is nothing that can stop her. She is self-confident, resourceful and stubborn.

I guess if a woman dreams about having a children, most of them will want a girl... There is something special in a mother- daughter relationship. Mother-daughter relationships are complex and there are ups and downs like in any other relations. I am very close to my mother so I always wanted a daughter, a princess of my own.

And Hana Leona shattered my romantic ideas about parenting hahahaha like a true Scorpio she knows how to stand up to a Libra (me)! She taught me that the most important thing is to believe in youself, she taught me to be stronger, to be honest and grateful. I love this qoute: "By the time a woman realizes her mother was right, she has a daughter who thinks she’s wrong." It's so true hahaha

We are both still growing and learning, this fall she is starting school and I am (hopefully) getting a job as a newly social worker. Exciting things are ahead and I cant wait to see what the future holds for our little family ♥♥

Love, Eleanor
                              Hana Leona


  1. Oh wow such beautiful photos of you and your daughter, she's so cute! xo

  2. predivno... osjetim sličnu vibru u tvom pisanju sa mojim životom i stavovima... :) <3 moramo jednom na kavu ;)

  3. Very sweet! Just found your blog, love your style!:)

  4. This is such a heartwarmingly sweet, beautiful post and series of images. Honestly, it brought tears of happiness my way, as the love you have for each other is instantly apparent in this sun-kissed images.

    xoxo ♥ Jessica