Hang Loose

Hello sweethearts!

First let me thank you all for 10 000+ views and so many nice comments on my last post, you really warmed my heart ♥♥
Today I am taking you back to 2014. and one of my first and favorite photo shoots by Berton photography.

Two years back I was a "baby pin up" when it all started; festivals, photo shootings, blogging, collaborations,...  Before that I was rockabilly gal in love with vintage and pin up, daily practicing my victory rolls. Rebel fest 2014. was my first experience as a pin up model and I will always remember that! I met wonderful people, including Berton couple who were photographers on festival and we immediately clicked. One week later I was invited to their home and then  these photographs were taken.

Rockabilly community in Croatia is small but strong, especially in some cities such as Vinkovci. Home to a local oldtimer club, rock'n'roll and many bikers who gather around in Hang Loose bar owned by Ana and Matija.

Considering this was my second time shooting with Berton photography we had a lot of fun, it was very relaxed and spontaneous, so we made up a little story. Volkswagen Beetle in the photos belongs to Ana and we thought it would be great to use it for a photo shoot!

I was a "lady in distress" when "my car brooke down" so Ana's boyfriend Matija "helped" me. Ultimately we took some nice rockabilly couple and also feuding couple photos hahaha it was so much fun and an experience that I will remember as long as I'm alive.

I was wearing a Hearts & Roses dress and Pin Up Couture shoes.
Find out more about Hang Loose bar here: https://www.facebook.com/Hang-Loose-403516629709519/

Thank you again Ana and Matija for your kindness and help ♥♥
And thank you Studio Berton for this amazing photos ♥♥

Love, Eleanor


  1. Well looks like such a fun photoshoot, love the little beetle and your outfit! :)

  2. Super fun series of photos. The one where you're crouched down with your hand on your face feels like we're really seeing a person with major car troubles and is so relatable to anyone who has been in that spot for real before. Great poses, outfit, and snaps alike.

    xoxo ♥ Jessica