TRIP TO the UK, part I: arrival and Brighton

Hello sweethearts!

I am writing this post still under a great impression of everything that I saw and experienced in the UK. This will be my first out of four posts about my adventure in the United Kingdom. Buckle up and enjoy the ride!
I booked my ticket in May so my summer was long and filled with anticipation.
It was my first time flying so I was quite nervous. Flight from Budapest to Gatwick London was terrible but I forgot everything when I saw my friend Eniko waiting for me with bouquet of sunflowers and a beautiful wide smile.

I arrived to London on Aug 23rd. I planned to go back home on Aug 30th so I carried only a small cabin bag with basics and one dress for each day. I was counting that I will return home with a lot more stuff than I came. I traveled in my Voodoo Vixen Kitty dress, it is so comfortable and has pockets so my most valuable things were with me all the time. After a delicious dinner we planned my first day in the UK.

Next day we took a double-deck bus from Eastbourne to Brighton. The weather was hot and sunny. I was mesmerized by the wonderful natural playgrounds of countryside and coastline!

My hosts Eniko and Andras planned a great day! We started our tour by visiting one of our favorite shops, the Collectif Clothing:

Their summer sale is amazing, so much bargains! I got myself a Monica Gingham Pencil dress in mint for only 17 GBP!

We took a peek into Irregular Choice store too:

I liked Brighton a lot! It is so colorful and alive! We explored the most beautiful little streets with magnificent houses. I loved the flowers, colorful flags and old facades.


Of yes, most of the time I had my phone in my hands, trying to catch every corner of the city with my camera, how vintage right? ;)


Exploring the numerous small shops I got two more bargains

- green Voodoo Vixen Katniss dress (that I wanted since like forever) for only 15 GBP, it had a broken zip that I fixed as soon as I got home and now it is perfect:

- Mistress of Vintage Potty Lotty yellow dress for only 25 GBP (75 GBP online!). I wasn't sure about it until I put it on and it was oh so perfect that I decided to wear it at Twinwood Festival 3 days later:

I feel in love with every shop, every house, every street musician and little coffee shop. It was exciting to see all of those smiling faces and various cultures on the street...

Indispensable part of our Brighton one day excursion was the JB's American diner:
We were delighted by the interior, it is really impressive! A dream for every lover of 50's American culture. After delicious milkshake I was ready to put on some saddle shoes and go to the drive-in!
For the end of the day, after a lot of walking, we decided to relax on Brighton Pier:
And when I'm happy I act childishly hahaha
It was the perfect way to end the day! I loved the amusement park and relaxedness of colorful crowd around me.
It is difficult in another language to describe the feelings that I have been inundated that day.
When I was planning this trip, honestly I expected six days of bad weather and bad mood uncultured people...boy was I wrong!
Second part of my UK trip- London coming up next!
Love, Eleanor


  1. Looks like you had such a great trip with your friend, love the photos and you scored some great bargains too! :)

    1. Thank Camilla! I love what I got but the Collectif clothing on sale was soooo confusing, sizes are ridiculous! I got a swimsuit in S, Monica dress is L but I actually wanted the flamingo dress that I tried in M and it was too big so no on line shoping of that brand for me!